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Looking for a job or work in the field of home care? Nothing more simple, many families in Paris and throughout UK are looking for a reliable person to help them in their daily lives (babysitting, personal assistance, tutoring, housekeeping and pet-sitting). Our site now has 50,000 families waiting for the gem. Login to your Yoopies account, see the ads near you and find the ideal job.

  • Find ads from families in Paris and throughout France

    Find ads from families in Paris and throughout France

    Yoopies, the first matchmaking platform between parents and babysitters, nannies, childminders that extends its offering to cover all the needs of the family.
    Yoopies has a multitude of families seeking offers for both a occasional babysitter, a full-time nanny or even a tutor for homework help. If you prefer contact with adults and the elderly, many busy families are also looking for home help that can help their elderly relatives in daily tasks (reading, walking...).
    You can also find a job on Yoopies as a housekeeper for both small and big apartments. Finally, more and more families have no solutions for their pets, for both dog walks and weekly cat visits during the holidays. You can also help by creating a free pet sitter profile.

  • Get directly in touch with the employers

    Get directly in touch with the employers

    To subscribe on Yoopies, nothing more simple. Simply create a profile for free and provide your skills, availability and references.
    You can create multiple ads on the same profile. For example, if you want to do occasional babysitting and a few hours of cleaning a week, you simply create two separate ads. If you prefer to work as an office cleaner in a company, it is also possible.
    Another case, if you want to give weekly tutoring at night and want to spend time with the elderly during the school holidays, you also need to create two ads: one as a "tutor" and the other as a "personal assistance".
    Alternatively, if you like cats, dogs and other aniamls, you can also create a pet sitter profile in our "pet sitting" area.

  • You negotiate your salary directly with families.

    You negotiate your salary directly with families.

    Unlike a babysitting agency, companies for home care, tutors, household and petsitting, you have no paperwork to fill and can freely set the payment. On your profile, Yoopies ask you to fill in the hourly rate of the field. This rate is fixed for guidance and you can negotiate directly with families according to the workload and the number of hours required.