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1. Find the perfect childcarer

1. Find the perfect childcarer

Browse hundreds of profiles based on your needs and requirements. A simple search allows you to search the perfect sitter for your family!

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After reading through all of the profiles that meet your criteria, choose the one that best fits your needs and contact the childminder directly.

2. Get in touch
3. Relax!

3. Relax!

Thanks to online reservation, benefit from our 100% secure online payment, personalized customer service and administrative assistance.

Yoopies, How Does It Work?


Whether you need childcare, pet sitting, tutoring, senior care, or housekeeping, by Yoopies connects parents with childcarers, pet parents with animal lovers, teachers with students, seniors with a caregiver and home owners with house keepers. So whether you are seeking care or looking for a job, Yoopies is here to help!

Benjamin Suchar
Jessica Cymermar

He decided to talk about it with his friend, Jessica. She told him that it was indeed very difficult to find a trusted person. They told eachother: “Why don’t we create a social platform where parents can find a background checked baby-sitter? ”Yoopies was born! At the same time, Jessica launches her blog “SerialMother” which is very famous (more than 63 000 likes!). In her blog, she tells her story as an overbooked mom with a great touch of humour.


Our mission at by Yoopies is provide a platform to help care seekers and care givers connect. Our multi-criteria search (location, experiences, languages spoken, and availability) and thanks to the parents’ recommendations,our platform makes connecting with people easy. With only a few clicks, browse through profiles and connect with the local caregivers today!

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Are you looking for a homecare service? You no longer need to hire a specific company, Yoopies has the solution. Our website offers a variety of people who offers this and much other services. Connect to your Yoopies account and search for ads close from you to find the ideal person that will help your everyday life.

  • Yoopies offers services for the whole family.

    Yoopies offers services for the whole family.

    Yoopies helps families find a local baby-sitter, nanny, childminder or an au pair. It is the first social platform that allows families to find the perfect person through our multi-criteria search. Choose based on: availability, distance, experience, certifications...
    By linking a Facebook to your Yoopies account, you can check out reviews and recommendations posted by friends!

  • Yoopies allows you to create a custom profile and post ads for all of the services you looking for.

    Yoopies allows you to create a custom profile and post ads for all of the services you looking for.

    If you are looking for a full time nanny for your little one, a baby-sitter for the school exit and someone who can also accompany them to their extracurricular activities, you can register on Yoopies and create an ad with a click
    The registration is completely free and it will revolutionise the organisation of your family life. You can create a different ad for each of our services.
    If you don't have the time to follow your children's school work, Yoopies has several competent tutors You can contact them by mail or by phone. We also allow you to help and to better assist your elderly relatives. Our platform also allows you to find a reliable and competent homecare help for your loved ones.
    If you for example need a housekeeper for a few hours a week is possible. If you go on vacation and you have no one walk with your dog or feed your cat, Yoopies also has a pet-sitter community for you.

  • No agency fees or commission: you pay straight to the person.

    No agency fees or commission: you pay straight to the person.

    Youpies, in addition to being a connected community of parents, receives no agency fees or commission.
    Cheaper than a babysitting agency, a school tutoring agency, a nursing home, a canine pension, a hotel for cats, or a maid agency, Yoopies is the best way to put you in touch with trusted people around your neighbourhood.

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