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Find the perfect childcarer

Find the perfect childcarer

Whatever type of childcare you are looking for, you can browse through the profiles of hundreds of local professionals at Yoopies.co.uk. Tailor the search to suit your needs and requirements and find the perfect candidate for your family.

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After reading through all the profiles that meet your criteria, choose the one that best fits your needs and contact the childcare professional directly.



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Yoopies, How Does It Work?


Yoopies is one of the most popular online platform’s specialising in home care professionals in Europe. It is available in 10 different countries and is the number one online platform of its kind in France, Switzerland, Spain and Italy with over 3 million users - it is now available in the United Kingdom.

Benjamin Suchar
Jessica Cymermar

Last year, Findababysitter.com was acquired by Yoopies. Yoopies was founded in 2012 by Jessica Cymerman and Benjamin Suchar in France as a social platform for childcare. The platform then grew to offer other homecare services and became one of the most successful platforms of its kind in Europe. The platform is now operating in 10 countries, providing more than 2 million users with a wide range of services. These include tutoring, housekeeping, senior care and pet care all underpinned by unique administrative support.


Our mission at Yoopies.co.uk is to provide a platform where care seekers and care givers can connect. Our multi-criteria search (location, experience, languages spoken and availability) as well as real parent reviews makes it easy to search for care. With just a few clicks, browse through profiles and connect with local caregivers today.

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If you are looking for a home care service, whether it’s a last-minute babysitter, cleaner or pet sitter - then look no further. Log on to yoopies.co.uk where you will find details of quality local professionals in your area. Simply type in your postcode and requirements and potential candidates will appear on the screen, allowing you to contact them at the touch of a button.

  • Yoopies offers services for the whole family.

    Yoopies offers services for the whole family.

    Through our multi-criteria search, it’s easy to find the right professional to suit the needs of your family. Searches can be based on availability, distance, experience and qualifications. You can also click on individual profiles to read real reviews and link to Facebook to see recommendations posted by friends.

  • Yoopies allows you to create a custom profile and post ads for all of the services you looking for.

    Yoopies allows you to create a custom profile and post ads for all of the services you looking for.

    If you are looking for a candidate for a specific role – such as a chaperone for your child’s weekly ballet lesson, then Yoopies can help. Simply register for free and post an ad on the site with your requirements to attract suitable candidates who can then be contacted by email or phone. Yoopies also offers other family friendly services such as housekeeping, elderly care, tutoring and pet sitting – a one stop shop for all of your family and home care needs.

  • No agency fees or commission: you pay straight to the person.

    No agency fees or commission: you pay straight to the person.

    Like many agencies, Yoopies does not charge commission or fees as you pay your chosen professional directly. It’s free to register and our Premium Membership offers a great value for money solution.

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