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Full time nanny

Hello, nice to meet you!

My name is Rosie and I'm 21 years old (22 in December); I am English, I have lived in Wimbledon, London, for my whole life and absolutely love it. I am a bubbly, warm, caring, trustworthy, enthusiastic, polite and reliable person with a genuine love for working with children - I love their quirkiness and their energy and think it's got to be the best job in the world to stimulate them in their learning and their understanding of life. I feel my experience with working with children of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and cultures gives me a great understanding for what is best for a child, as every child is individual. Rather than my experience being solely as a nanny, it is more varied which I feel is more beneficial as I have knowledge of many different child-care/general care settings, and can use this to my advantage. One example is the ability to look after 10 children all at once - I would never have gained this experience if I hadn't been a nursery practitioner! Therefore I have gained a lot more confidence for when I work for a family with more than one child.

I spend most of my spare time writing music (I am a singer-songwriter & pianist ****/marsieblue), taking long walks with my lovely boyfriend, and socialising with family and friends. I passed all my GCSE's and have A's in English, Music and Drama which I use to my advantage (and the children's advantage) when I'm being creative with the children. I also have 2 A-Levels, in Sociology and English literature & language.

I am a generally very happy person and I feel this shines through when I am working with children, I hope I pass my happiness through to them.

I am very easy to approach, polite, reliable and an excellent communicator. I am also fun and friendly, am always smiling and love to laugh! I am CRB checked (full, clean), have very good and varied child-care (and 'care' in general) experience, and have excellent recent checkable references. I am professional (i.e. always punctual, and always confidential and discreet), I am loving and loyal, and always aware of what is best for the child/children I am working with - their needs are paramount. I am good at using my initiative, but at the same time able to take a step back when appropriate and necessary. I am good at interacting and forming instant bonds with children and adults, and am often praised for my ability to communicate positively with children on their 'level'. Being a singer-songwriter, I try to use my music as much as possible with the children I work with.

I have a genuine passion for working with children - it's not just a 'job' to me. In my spare time I do my own reading about children's learning and development because I want to become even better at my job. One of the best things in life for me is to watch a child grow up and develop; to see them crawl for the first time, to see them learn to stand up, to watch them begin to take their first steps and say their first words - and if they are older, to take pleasure in helping them learn to read and write, and it really is incredible when they begin to understand what you are teaching them. Children are fascinating and it's great to know that they are being encouraged and positively influenced - that's one of the most important roles for me as a Nanny.

Here is more about my job history/experience:

I have nannied for a family with two lovely children (a girl aged 2 and a boy aged 5 months, I was with the family since before the little boy was born). With this family I took on duties such as:
- age and stage relevant activities, for example thinking of something that is suitable for both children's age & stage as they were 2 years apart
- walking in the park and thinking of imaginative outdoor games to play or fun things to do such as having a picnic, or collecting things we find in the park to make pictures later
- running errands (picking up shopping for example)
- taking 2 year old to music class (baby still with us) and staying with her & joining in
- the two children were with me at all times, even if the mother was around
- I was always flexible with times and stayed longer hours or came earlier if that was requested
- I was always happy to 'muck in' and never said no to a challenge!
- I changed nappies
- Fed both children their meals
- Arranged activities in and out of the house
- used my creativity to entertain both children
- formed very close bonds with them - it was very hard to see them go back to America as I got very attached!

I have nannied for another family but sadly they moved back to Australia. Duties with this family included:
- picking up 3 year old from nursery-school
- taking back to apartment and making healthy lunch
- devising stimulating and educational activities such as those based on seasonal topics ('autumn collage' for example)
- We went for walks on the common, played ball games etc..
- played in the playground
- went to playgroups where there were mums and other nannies with their children, and formed instant networks with other nannies/au-pairs
- I had sole charge of the child
- I was resonsible for her safety and well-being at all times and was very trusted by the family
- I was flexible with hours as always, and came on different days or stayed over-time if they asked me to
- I often looked after the little girl's friends too, so I was responsible for more than one child at a time (sole-charge)
- I did babysitting, looking after the little girl and her friend, and cooking them both dinner and supervising them from late afternoon through till late night when the parents came home
- I was always happy to do things that i wasn't obliged to do in my contract, as they made me feel like one of the family - so I was always happy to do extra things!
I was very sad to see them leave to go back to Australia.

I have done babysitting for a family for over 4 years now, looking after three children (ages 5, 8, and 10). I have developed great bonds with all of the children and I thoroughly enjoy supervising them. The most stimulating part for the children I looked after here, is creative and make-believe play - where we read a story together and then they created their own additional characters and story-lines. I feel this is such an important part of a child's learning. Childrens' imagination is wonderful!

I have also worked as a Nursery Practitioner at two branches of Dicky Birds Nurseries, where I took on duties such as:
- cleaning (mopping, scrubbing of floors, walls and windows, sweeping, hoovering, cleaning of toilets)
- devising fun and educational activities for many children at a time
- singing with the children and playing the piano for them
- supervising meal-times and helping them eat their breakfast, lunch, and dinner
- being imaginative and joining in make-believe play with them
- helping the children to get to sleep when it was sleep-time.
- a great responsibility to make sure that the children were safe at all times, this includes children with allergies and ensuring they had alternative meals.

I have experience working in an after-school club/holiday club, responsible for many children at a time (sometimes 10-15, sole-charge). My duties were:
- cleaning
- preparing, cooking and serving basic breakfasts, lunches and dinners for 20+ children
- being outdoors with them and making sure they were all safe
- teaching them extra curricular things - such as musical activities, working with clay, general creative and arty things!

I have also worked in an elderly people's care home so I understand how to 'care' in general, as well as for young children. I have been taught how to care in an appropriate way following all legislation etc - and understanding confidentiality, individuality, taking a holistic approach and being very open-minded.

Additionally I have worked in a school for disabled children, where I spent a lot of time listening to them and caring for their individual and specific needs, and teaching them how to move to music - they learnt to express themselves in ways they couldn't using their voice. This will always stay in my mind.

The most recent job I've had (and I'm still there now - they are moving out of London soon) is a mother's help/nanny position in Clapham Common for an absolutely beautiful family. I look after 2 gorgeous girls, one is 9 months (I have been with her since she was 5 months) and the other girl has just turned 3 years old. I am totally crazy about them both, and miss them even if I'm away from them for just 2 days! My main duties with the children are feeding them both (preparing and cooking purees for the little one and cooking healthy meals for the older one), bathing them both, and the good old bed-time routine(!) In between these things, I take them out to parks (they live just a 20 minute walk from Clapham Common which is handy!), doing lots of puzzles, entertaining them with my singing and the piano etc, helping the older one with her numbers and letters (alphabet pasta is fantastic!!), and making sure we keep to a routine as best we can (tantrums permitting!). Outdoor play is great fun, on the trampoline and lots of walking and ball games! I also do occasional laundry and light cleaning in the kitchen and sitting room etc, lots of organising and tidying up of course, and making sure the dishwasher is always on the go(!) The girls and I have become firm friends (and their parents and I too, of course) and it's going to be very sad to leave, but I will always keep in touch - it's hard to imagine being too far away from them!

Most importantly, and the last thing I would like to say, is that a child's needs are paramount, regardless of ANYTHING. This is something I feel very strongly about, and I always take with me every day I walk into work.

I would love to hear back from anybody who is interested. I am quite flexible so if you just want to meet me for an informal chat or for me to meet the children, please don't hesitate to call! I would be really happy to hear from you! I am looking for morning hours as I have a nanny job Mon-Thurs 3-7pm so anything outside of those hours is great. I also work a full day on Fridays so cannot work then. Am happy to babysit at weekends (evenings) if given good notice.

Many thanks and kind regards,
Rosie Killingworth

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