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Catriona B., Parent looking for a nanny in Stenhousemuir

Updated on: 20/01/2014

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I have 2 kids aged 10 and 3. The 10 year old goes to kinnaird primary and the 3 year old goes to the school nursery every morning.
I am looking for an experienced and mature live out nanny 3 days a week (Monday, Thursday and Friday) from 11:25 pick up at nursery which is 2 mins from house till I'm home from work at 6pm. I would require the youngest to have lunch and dinner and the eldest just dinner prepared. They are currently with a childminder but I feel that they are not getting the best from this. I want my eldest to be able to play with her friends after school and she is not allowed to do this at childminders so is getting bored. My 3 year old also has development issues and is currently attending speech therapy and a doctor at Stirling hospital regarding this. As such I want him to get as much one on one encouragement as possible to enable him to flourish
I am currently going for a promotion which could mean meetings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so would also require a degree of flexibility on the odd occasion I need to attend these

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