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  • 2 children,
  • youngest child's age: < 3 yo
  • Updated on: 12/04/2018

Fun, caring and loving babysitter

Hi everyone my name is Hannah Ashton and i'm a 24 year old parent to a beautiful boy Jacob, nearly 3 years old and a beautiful girl Bella nearly 2 years old. My family are fun and very loving. Me and my husband are usually at home with our children as we work our own hours doing animal sitting and dog walking. We are both professional boxers in our spare time so do a lot of training to prepare our fight nights. I did have my mother in law coming to look after our children but have been let down and found out that she was not doing a good job with my kids so as u probably are aware i am very wary of who i can 100% trust now. Its usually my mum who babysits them but on this occasion she cant. She is the only person i trust with my kids atm so would need a good,caring and playful babysitter to arrange to meet in person with my kids before i decide if possible. The day/night i would need is the 28th April from about 2ish in the day till about midnight. I'm looking for a good babysitter who loves kids that will interact and play with them as my children are still very young and need lots of attention. On the 28th i would require my kids to have their dinner, bubble bath time and nappies changed as both still in nappies but my son is in potty training but sometimes won't say if he needs to go. Also teeth nice and clean, p.js on their usual bed time routine then put to bed. They are both usually very good during bed times but they do like u to stay in room while falling asleep. Sorry to have gone on a bit i just really want to find someone who understands how big it is to leave your children with someone else that you dnt really no. Thanks, Kind regards Hannah, Arrie, Bella and Jacob. x

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