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Claire C. , Parent looking for a profile of nanny in Matlock

  • Updated on: 06/09/2013
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Family living in DE42NU are looking for mothers help

I live in Beeley and am looking for a mother's help during after school hours 2 or 3 afternoons a week (Mon, Tues, sometimes Wed and/or Fri). I have a 5 year old daughter at school locally and 2 sons who are at boarding school. I am going back to work - part time, at home - and travel quite a bit for that as well as to see the boys.
I am looking for flexible help - looking after and playing with my daughter when I'm not around or if I'm working, but also help with tidying the house (not full cleaning - I have a cleaning lady), laundry and ironing, preparing my daughter's supper, etc.
I am looking for a lovely, friendly, caring person who is willing to help out with whatever's needed on that day. It will be different each day! Hopefully whoever we find will be able to babysit in the evenings occasionally too.
We have had several au pairs over the years and love welcoming people into our home.

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