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Ingrid-Maye M., Parent looking for a nanny in London

Updated on: 25/01/2014

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I am a qualified mental health nurse which means I work unsociable hours 3 days per week. I also work an hour away from where I live. Therefore I am looking for someone who drives (though this is not essential and more for the convience of the nanny), able to work unsociable hours between 6am-10pm 3 days per week these days can be spread out through out the week. Im looking for someone who's fun, loving, trustworthy and has lots of energy to do a school drop off for my daughter to breakfast club for 8am and pick her up from school and one day per week take her to a ballet class after school. Ideally, I would want someone to do homework with my daughter after school, she enjoys reading at bed time too. If you can make a meal for my daughter that will be amazing however not essential. Im also looking for someone who will do basic tidying up, housekeeping and bath before bed time. I also need someone that has a current CRB and is ofsted registered.

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