Isabella R., Math tutor, homework help in Stockton-on-Tees

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Maths tutor for GCSE or below

Hello, I am an A level college student who has advanced skills in mathematics. I am willing to help those who are struggling to grasp certain subjects in maths or can not understand it. I got a grade 8 (A*) at GCSE maths and I am currently studying Advanced level maths. Therefore, I would love to tutor those who can't understand GCSE or lower. My sister failed maths and I successfully taught by tutoring her and teaching her how it works. Meaning she passed her resit.

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More about Isabella

I am a soon to be college student hoping to care for children in my spare time. I have always loved children and really enjoy looking after them. Therefore I feel this job would be perfect for me. I am a hard working girl who studied very hard in school and has recently took part in National Citizens Service (which works to build young people's skills and confidence) over a period of 4 weeks. I grew up in a single parent family and feel I am very independent and capable of looking after people. I also studied health and social care where I did work experience in a nursery and studying childcare so feel I am experienced. I feel this job would be perfect for me as it would build my confidence and help to build myself to become financially independent while I study my a levels.