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Findababysitter becomes Yoopies!

We are excited to announce that Findababysitter.com has now officially changed its name to Yoopies.co.uk . Simply log on to yoopies.co.uk where you will find all of the great features that you would expect from Findababysitter.com – plus lots more. Finding trustworthy local childcare is just as simple as before - despite the name change, you’ll still find the same easy to use layout and user experience. Plus your Findababysitter.com ads, messages and favourite applicants will all still be there for you.

findababysitter becomes yoopies!

Why did we change our name?

Last year, Findababysitter.com was acquired by Yoopies. Since its founding in 2012 by Jessica Cymerman and Benjamin Suchar in France as the first social platform for Babysitting, Yoopies has become one of the most successful platforms for homecare services in Europe. The former “Facebook of Babysitting” is now operating in 10 countries, providing its more than 2 million users a wide range of services including tutoring, housekeeping, senior care and pet care as well as an unique administrative support.

Learn more about Yoopies and its homecare services and create an ad to find the perfect help for your needs!

Questions and Answers: Findababysitter.com re-brand to Yoopies.co.uk

When will Findababysitter.com become Yoopies.co.uk?

We have now rebranded the Findababysitter.com website to Yoopies.co.uk. The Findababysitter.com logo will remain on the site to provide continuity and recognition for our users.

So what happens if someone logs onto the Findababysitter.com website? Will it not be there anymore?

No this won’t be the case – if you log onto Findababysitter.com then you will automatically be redirected to the new Yoopies.co.uk website. There you will be able to find the same great resources and content that were available on the original Findababysitter.com site.

Why have you rebranded to Yoopies.co.uk?

The name change comes following the acquisition by Yoopies.com of Findababysitter.com last May.  Whilst the Findababysitter.com name was strong, we did not feel that it explained the other great services that the site now offers outside of babysitting - such as full time nannies, pet care, tutoring, senior care and household help. 

So Yoopies.co.uk is not just a babysitting service then?

No not at all, our primary focus is on childcare, allowing users to find full and part time nannies, after school care and babysitters. However, we also offer other services such as pet care and senior care – services which we hope will help families achieve a better work-life balance.

How does the site work?

Yoopies is really easy to use for both parents and care providers. Those looking for childcare simply log on and register, then enter their postcode and childcare requirements. The profiles of suitable care providers will appear on the screen, allowing users to contact them, organise an interview and if hired, pay online. Users can also post ads on the site to advertise their requirements. For those offering childcare or another service, then they can simply register and search through the site, allowing their details and skills to be shared with potential hirers.

Do parents looking for childcare pay for the service?

Our basic membership is free and allows those registered with the site to post an ad, receive applications and send a single message to potential employees. Yoopies also offers a Premium Service which allows users to contact an unlimited number of care provider profiles, see parent reviews of potential candidates, priority placement of childcare ads and access to care provider phone numbers. The cost of a Premium membership starts at £9.90 per month (for a yearly subscription) but other packages are available through the website.

How do people pay?

We accept Visa and Mastercard on the site

What about caregivers looking for work? Do they still need to pay?

No, care providers may browse the site for free and contact those looking for childcare with no restriction at all. For £9 per month they can enrol in our Premium Service. This allows their adverts to be showcased at the top of a search and provides access to the contact details of potential employers.

So does that mean that a parent looking for childcare may get lots of calls from potential childcare providers?

WNo not at all, we only include your phone number on your profile page if we have your permission.

How do you ensure that the care providers on the site are high quality?

When a Caregiver joins Yoopies.co.uk, they can opt to use our verification service which we encourage as it provides potential employers with reassurance. This includes an identity check, qualification check and DBS check. There is a charge of £4 for this service. It is shown on the care givers profile if they have been successfully vetted.

How do users ensure that the child/ person in their care is kept safe when hiring through Yoopies?

We take the safety of our site very seriously and offer our verification service to all care providers listed on the site. However, hiring a nanny/childminder/pet-sitter/tutor is a personal choice and the responsibility of the of the person who is hiring. We strongly advise that candidates are interviewed and necessary checks are put in place in advance.

Findababysitter.com is an obvious name for a childcare website – but Yoopies.co.uk isn’t. Do you think this will put people off using the site?

We do not believe that this will be the case - we are confident that UK users will grow to know and love the Yoopies brand. The new Yoopies website boasts all the same great features as Findababysitter.com and will be even better and easier to use in the future.

What does Yoopies mean? What is a Yoopie?

Yoopies is a childlike word for happiness and joy in France - qualities that we hope are reflected by our site. It’s a little like saying ‘Yippee’ in French.

Are Yoopies successful in other countries?

Yoopies is already a well-known childcare brand in Europe. It operates in 10 different countries and has 3 million users. It is the number one childcare website in France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain.

Will there be anything new about the site now that it has rebranded?

We have lots of plans to make the site even better – over the next few months we are looking into updating the website’s interface, search criteria and branding. We are also planning to launch a new app so that parents can book childcare on the go?

The site doesn’t seem to work as well on a Smart phone as it does on a desktop – why is this?

Whilst you can use Yoopies.co.uk on your Smart phone, some of the search criteria are not optimised as well as on the desk top version. We are working on improving this. We are also in the process of developing a new Smart phone app which will make searching for childcare even more straightforward.

What is Yoopies at Work?

Yoopies at Work is a bespoke platform that we create for select partner businesses. We provide them with all of the tools that they need to create their own version of the Yoopies website. This allows businesses to offer discounts towards childcare and assist their staff with achieving a work:life balance. The site allows co-workers to share information about trusted child care and read reviews left by others that they work with.