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I am a 16 year old A-level student currently looking for a job to expand my skills and experiences for my CV/future references, and to earn money for present and future expenses, especially towards things such as university, which will undoubtedly, inevitably be very expensive. Whilst I am not a professional tutor, I would definitely like to experience working in the field of tutoring-because although I do not necessarily want to be a teacher/tutor in the future, I love helping people when possible in subjects that I enjoy, such as English. If you need a copy of my CV, I can definitely send that!
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I am a 17 year old female (turning 18 in August) who just finished her A-levels in English Literature, Psychology, Socioloy; I also did the EPQ. I am trustworthy, fun, reliable and caring, believing that it is so important to be selfless and loving towards others. Just like other young people, I love socialising. I also enjoy exploring/expanding my Christian Faith, taking walks, going to the gym, relaxing indoors, reading, listening to music, going to museums,art galleries, etc. Although I am Christian,( despite the stereotypes and beliefs that people have of us!) I accept everybody regardless of their faith, race, sexuality, age, etc. Thank you! -Bella (:


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