Joyce E., Parent looking for a babysitter in Virginia Water

  • 2 children,
  • Updated on: 16/10/2018

Occassional Childcare

I am looking for ad hoc help with my daughters ages 12 and 15. They are both very well behaved, warm and friendly. We moved here from the US 10 weeks ago and I'm wondering if you would like to meet us during your free time so we can get to know you. My husband and I travel back to the US once in awhile and we are looking for someone who can help us stay with the girls in the house at night who is reliable and trustworthy. She will have to drive them to school at 8:00 A.M. and pick up at 3:15 pm. We also have two little dogs but we take them to the kennel when we go away.


Approximative location.