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Lisa S. , Parent looking for a profile of babysitter in Scunthorpe

  • Updated on: 28/03/2016
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Nanny wanted - Scunthorpe

I am looking for a nurturing and responsible nanny to look after 3 children. I would like someone with a few years experience, references, and who lives near Scunthorpe. Must be registered as using childcare element of tax credits and it is their requirement.

I have 6 children but I only need care for 3 of them as the older three are teenagers and take care of themselves. Their ages are 6, 10 and 11

I work part time self employed from home during school times so I only need care for the school holidays and occasional care if I need to go out for a meeting or a bit of peace and quiet lol. Ideally I would like care in my home Monday to Friday during all school holidays from 10am until 4pm. Some of my children stay with their father on a regular basis so some days you may have just one two or all three to look after but I will work out a rota with their father so you have some stability of knowing who you have and when.

Thank you.

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