Matthew B., Parent looking for a babysitter in Manchester

1 child, youngest child's age: < 3 yo

Updated on: 09/10/2019


Occasional babysitting


My wife and I are looking for a babysitter that would be able to occasionally look after our two year old son on an adhoc basis. We both work shifts and live in boothstown, Worsley. The first days that's we would need covered are from Wednesday 30th October later afternoon though until the following morning. Then again on the 31st in the afternoon through until the morning around 10am. Our son is a good sleeper, once he has his milk at 7.30pm he is out like a light until about 8am. We have a spare room with ensuite, sky TV and plenty of space on the driveway.

Would you please be able to reply with your availabilty and typical rates please.


Approximative location.