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  • youngest child's age: between 3 yo and 6 yo
  • Updated on: 15/12/2018,

Looking for an after-nursery nanny (3-4 days a week)

We are looking for an after-nursery nanny 3-4 days a week for our lovely 3 year old boy.

He goes to a Montessori nursery in London Fields and finishes at 3.30pm. We would need someone to pick him up and care for him until 6.30pm.

Both my husband and I work for ourselves, and the nature of our work is that some weeks are busier than others. With that in mind, we need someone with the flexibility to stay past 6.30pm on the odd occasion, to do dinner, bath and bedtime if both of us get stuck at work.

This also means that some weeks, we may only need you for 3 afternoons, and some days we may be home earlier than 6.30pm. Regardless of this, you would still be paid a retainer salary for 4 afternoons a week, so that we have the peace of mind on busier weeks.

Though the hours are part-time, we are still looking for someone with dedication to the role and commitment to us as a family. We are looking for someone with a genuine interest in caring for children, as opposed to a part time job to make a bit of extra money on the side.

We are a friendly, welcoming family and will treat the successful candidate with trust and warmth. Our last nanny became very much a part of our family but has now started her own so is unable to work with us anymore.

The ideal candidate will be reliable, honest and warm. Experience working with toddlers is a must, and a familiarity with the rhythms of the day and the age-appropriate activities that stimulate a 3 year old. Cooking dinner may sometimes be required so someone who enjoys food and the kitchen is a bonus.

Start date: January 7th 2019 (negotiable if the fit is perfect!)
Hourly rate: 12
Payment: PAYE

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