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Nicola K., Parent looking for a babysitter in London

Updated on: 22/01/2014

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After-school nanny

My husband and I have two children, 6 year-old Jonah and 4 year-old Claudia. He's a writer so is quite flexible about when he can be at home; I'm a newly qualified barrister so I'm not. We want someone intelligent, fun and caring who can pick our children up from school at 3.20 two or three afternoons a week, look after them, read to them, entertain them, bath them and begin the process of putting them to bed. We're usually home by 6.30 but would ideally like someone who could stay until 7 on a Friday - and sometimes later,with prior agreement. Our children are very feisty and can be a bit of a handful. You'd need to be fun but firm and capable of dealing with bad behaviour when it arises. We need someone very soon. Please get in touch if you're available, letting us know which days of the week you're available. We'd need to see references and a full CRB. We will pay a good price to the right candidate.

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