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  • Updated on: 18/12/2017

Part time childcare required at home for a 7 and 9 year old

We are a family with a 7 year old boy and a 9 year old girl based in a village between Cockermouth and Workington.

We are after some help to:

Occasionally help with child care before or after school, sometimes for a block of several days to a week while mum is away at meetings and dad is working shifts. The meeting dates are typically known several months in advance, which makes planning easier.

We'd be prepared to consider more regular work (example, three days after school, approx 10 hours per week).

Ideally you wouldn't mind (very occasionally!) coming early (around 6am), to look after the children before school. The school is only a five minute walk from home. Typically hours would be after school until up to 8pm. The school runs an after school club until 545pm, so if you have school or another job, we can work around your other commitments.

It is hoped you would be sometimes be prepared to make simple snacks and dinners for the children.

Good hourly rates are a given and let us know if you'd like to earn more doing cleaning!

More work could be provided during school holidays too.

Thank you for looking!

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