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Daniel G., Parent looking for a babysitter in Canterbury

2 children, youngest child's age: between 3 yo and 6 yo

Updated on: 14/01/2020

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After school nanny

We are looking for someone to help with after school care for our two wonderful boys (aged 9 and 3). The boys currently go to a school and nursery on the same site that is 15 mins walk from our home.

Ideally, we'd be looking for pick-up of both boys at 5.45pm Mon-Thurs and at 4.45pm Fri, then walking them back to our home, where one of us would meet you and receive the boys at 7pm.

We'd be open to the idea of only part of the week's pick-ups being covered.

We'd also be interested in the possibility of before-school care, which would involve coming to our house at 7am and walking the boys to school for 8am. Again, this could be all or part of the week. Before-school care is less important to us than after-school care though.

Our 3 year old's nursery is 51 weeks a year, and so we'd be looking for his pick-up arrangement to continue during the school holidays (as much as possible) as normal. Our 9 year old tends to do holiday clubs out of term time, but the arrangements for that could be discussed further down the line.

Please get in touch if you'd be interested and available for after-school (and possibly before-school) care for some (or all) of the week.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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