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Hazel W., Parent looking for a babysitter in Birmingham

Updated on: 20/01/2016

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Child minder when needed in Bartley Green

Hiya I'm looking for someone really reliable that doesn't live to far from Bartley green I'm due another baby in August I know it's a long way yet but I want to get someone who I can rely on to babysit my 3 children as anyone knows how's had children labour can happen at any time day or night so need someone that ain't gonna have a problem with that Iam due in the summer holidays if I don't go over so there wouldn't be no school pick up my children are 6 and twins that are 4 there no hassle at all goes to bed perfectly sleeps all night I will probably need someone to babysit in the mean time for hospital appointments I have no family in Birmingham and no close friends I can call on so it's really important to me to know that someone will be there


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