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Joe B., Parent looking for a profile of babysitter in Beverley

  • 2 children,
  • youngest child's age: < 3 yo
  • Updated on: 13/02/2018
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Afternoon/evening childcare needed for 6 and 3 year old

We live in Beverley and have two lovely little girls(6 and 3) and we need some help. Myself and my wife work and two nights a week we don't finish until 7pm in Hull. Up until now we have had a relative pick the girls up from Safe and Sound in Beverley take them home, give them their tea and put them to bed. Unfortunately this family member is finding it increasingly difficult to help and we need to look at a different option. The help we would need would be someone (nice!) with their own car to pick the girls up from Safe and Sound at 4:30, take them back home (in Beverley) give them their tea, have a little play/read and then put them to bed (they are very good at bedtime which is normally 6:30-7) and then one of us will be home at 7.30. On occasions we have been working out of Hull and this has resulted in not getting back until later but in the 6 years we've had this has only happened a handful of times. The usual days are Thursday and Friday but this also may change but not without plenty of notice. if you are able to help could you drop us a line.Thanks for responding to our job. I'll give you few more details and if it's still of interest to you drop us a line

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