Keris O., Parent looking for a babysitter in Atherstone

2 children, youngest child's age: between 3 yo and 6 yo

Updated on: 15/06/2019


Mum needs a break!!!!


I am looking for someone who is educated in childcare and has a passion for it. I have 2 boys aged 4 and 5 and i am looking for weekend work babysitting.

The boys are FULL of energy so there is never a quiet moment in my house! The main activities they like are outdoors. Bikes, scooters, trampolines and the park are their favourite.

Although they are balls of energy they are cuddly little boys and do like a chillout time aswell.

Previously when we have had babysitters we have had a mixture of evenings or afternoon work.

An evening shift would generally consist of playing with the boys for an hour or so before bedtime then putting them to bed by reading stories and singing songs (they have a good bedtime routine)

An afternoon can consist of different things - play and activities at home, bike rides, play centres etc...

I can be flexible or have something set.

If you are interested in meeting us please contact me

Keris Obrien


Approximative location.